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The Balancing Act


The Motherhood Balancing Act

I know all you mamas can relate.  Whether you are a full time stay at home mom, or a work at home mom, or a work out of the home mom, your life requires some sort of balancing act. The struggle is balancing properly, and ensuring one area of your life is not getting more attention, while neglecting, or pushing aside another area of your life.

I like to call myself a part time stay at home mom, who works full time hours outside the home ( 2 jobs) as well as working in the home,  whenever I get a spare minute, I am working on my blog, I am still relatively new to this blogging world, and there is a lot to learn if I intend to monetize this. On top of all this, as you may know I am a foster mom and that entails a whole other schedule, bio parents visits, case conferences, hospital visits, doctors appointments, trainings etc. etc. etc.  Many people ask me how I do it all, and my answer?  I’m really not sure, only by the grace of God.


I don’t want this post to turn into me complaining, because I do enjoy my hectic life, but at the end of the day its always a balancing act.

Did I do enough today?  Am I prepared for tomorrow?  Was I good enough mom today?  Did I give my all to my clients?  How can I be more organized so my family eats more healthy meals?  I didn’t do enough for my blog.  Ugh another day without getting exercise in. These are the thoughts that are constantly running through my head along with a million others.  No wonder I am an insomniac! Well actually not so much lately because getting up every 3 hours to feed a baby who takes a full hour to eat has got me dead exhausted I am actually in the collapsing stage.  I’m so tired that when I wake up I feel like I didn’t sleep.  I know this isn’t good for my health, but its the stage of life I am in 3 kids not school aged, 2 days of work in the salon doing what I love, 3 evenings of work at a job I don’t love, but pays the bills and means less time away from my kids, because they are sleeping at 2am while I am there.  A minimum of 4 appointments a week driving an hour for our little man. It is busy!

A lot of my friends, and clients tell me I am supermom, and guys I really don’t like to use my busyness as a badge of honour. It just truly is what I need to do right now to help provide for my family, and to support the choice to be home as much as possible while my littles are still little.

Trust me I wish I didn’t have so much to balance.  We are praying one day soon that there will be less on my plate, but as for now I will continue on balancing.


Here are the 3 things that keeps me sane.

My Erin Condren organizer.   Ok at first glance, these may seem a bit pricy for a paper organizer, but it truly has everything you need to keep your life on track, plus I am a sucker for pretty things, and mine is pink and gold and monogrammed!

I am a visual person, as well as a doodler, and a creative mind so I like to actually write things down instead of using my calendar on my iphone.   I write goals in there, quotes, feelings, appointments, meal plans, gym schedule, date nights with the hubby, work schedules, drawings, coffee dates etc. I like to go back through the year and see what I was doing, and what I accomplished. Seriously check them out, so many beautiful designs, and they also carry amazing stationary, wedding planners, teacher lesson planners, wellness journals, budget books etc.

Help and Support – quality childcare is so important.  We are very blessed with family that likes to help.  We also hired a part time nanny who comes two days a week to cover my work hours as well as 3 hours Friday mornings that I can be off the hook as mom,  I can run errands kid free, because lets be serious when you have 3 kids in carseats especially in cold weather its a minimum of an extra 20 minutes added per errand.  Haha let alone grocery shop with them, seriously where would I put all the food?   I book any appointments for me, or I just use it to get my house clean and organized while she entertains the kids. No matter what I do those 3 hours of time for me to do whatever are essential to making my busy schedule work.

Day before pre planning.  This means meals, appointments, gym time, craft time with the kids.  Every thing really.  I am more of a night person and I am alway running late so everything gets done the day before so I am less late haha.   Organizer is filled out for the next day, kids backpacks packed, and put in van and ready for preschool 2 mornings a week, diaper bag packed and in the car for any appointments the next day.  Fruits and veggies and snacks, prepared in tupperware ready to grab easily. Oatmeal poured into bowls and ready to make in the am.  Foster care paperwork filled out and organized.

The key is to just be one step ahead, because no doubt trying to get 3 kids out the door in the morning you are already 5 steps behind. At the end of each day, I ask myself what can I do to make tomorrow go more smoothly?  Then I do it before my head hits the pillow. Don’t get me wrong I am not like this every day, if we have a relatively quiet day the next day then I do nothing and just roll with the punches come morning time, but for sanity on the busy days, I need to be one step ahead.

I also hate rushing the kids because I don’t want them hearing an impatient mom, and I don’t want to be the mom who is yelling at them to get out the door so we won’t be late!

So there you have it! I would love to hear from other moms who have tips and tricks to keeping their lives balanced! I am a Libra, and  I am always searching for peace and balance amongst the hectic. So leave me a comment below with what you do to stay balanced!

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  • Reply
    03/22/2016 at 7:29 am

    Amazing post!

    • Reply
      03/29/2016 at 3:43 am

      Thanks so much!

  • Reply
    Leila Rexford
    03/22/2016 at 2:52 pm

    Calenders and pre planning is a must for me. My daughter has three activities a week now. So much! I’m working on trying to monetize my blog as well. So just another thing! But you are a Goddess, you got this.

    • Reply
      03/29/2016 at 3:43 am

      Aww thx lady 🙂 Yes the activities really make things complicated! We do Gymnastics, Swimming Lessons, and Dance Class! The youngest is almost 3 and she will be starting activities soon too! Yikes its about to get even more hectic! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  • Reply
    Sandi Schwartz
    03/31/2016 at 1:06 am

    Wow, you are balancing a ton! Very impressive. I know myself well, and get stressed out easily, so I don’t take on too much at once. I space out my writing deadlines to keep my sanity and try to take breaks to focus on my kids. It’s hard work balancing it all and everyone has to find what works for them.

    • Reply
      04/03/2016 at 1:22 pm

      Yes it is a lot! I am currently working on a plan to make things a little bit easier! Thankfully I don’t need too much sleep to function! Thanks for dropping by, you are right it is so important to make sur eyou take breaks to really focus on the kids!

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