Are you a new mom looking for the best for your baby?  Or an experienced mom who hasn’t quite found the best products and are struggling with diaper rash, cradle cap and dry skin?
After 6 years and 10 little ones, I have come to find the absolute best baby skin care out there.
No, they are not all from the same brand. No this is not sponsored just my completely honest opinion for you mamas.
These are my tried and true, always in my nursery baby products that I love.
Baby Wash – The Live Clean Baby Wash is by far my favourite! I love the light scent, it is great for baby’s sensitive skin and gives the perfect amount of bubble.  I also love the sizes that it is offered in. I use it well into toddlerhood.

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Baby Lotion – Also goes to Live Clean.  For all the same reasons I mentioned above as well as it comes in a night time lavender scent that I love to give baby’s their bedtime massage with!

The best baby oil also goes to Live Clean This oil smells amazing as well as cures cradle cap in no time! I just massage a bit into baby’s scalp let it sit and then use a baby brush to remove the cradle cap build up.

Dealing with Dry Skin?  The CJ’s Butter is AMAZING! I first discovered it as a cloth safe diaper cream but also use it on eczema, rosy cheeks and any little scrapes that are healing.

If you are dealing with diaper rash it is perfect as well as the CJ’s Butter Spritz formula, sometimes wiping and then rubbing the cream on an irritated bottom doesn’t help the matter so I use the spritz instead.

The spritz is also great for the diaper bag because your hands are less of a mess when changing a diaper out and about. I have the Oatmeal milk and honey scent currently but have yet to come across one I don’t like.
You can also get the plus formula which is great for battling yeast rashes.

My go-to barrier cream is the Sudocream. Or Desitin Rapid Relief Rash Remedy cream. I find both of these do a great job of not only healing and soothing the rash but really prevent it from getting worse.

While we are on the topic of diaper rashes I really like this Epsom salt kids bath formula.  It does a great job at healing the skin!  Sometimes I will give the baby several Epsom salt baths in a day and it sooths and clears up the rash in no time!

Continuing on the diaper rash or sensitive skin train the Mustela Cleansing water is a must-have. The chemicals in wipes can be irritating so I pour some of the Mustela Cleansing water over the bottom.  It is a miracle worker for rashes.  It soothes and cleans the area without wiping.  If you have to remove some poop first then just use a warm washcloth to wipe away then pour the water over.

What are your favourite skin care products for baby?