If you are a mom of young ones, heck a mom with kids any age, I know you spend a large percent of your time cleaning. What type of cleaning products are you using? Nautural? Filled with chemicals? What about ones that smell amazing htat make you want to clean?

You may enjoy cleaning, or you may hate it but its an essential part of being M.O.M

I used to hate cleaning, it always seemed like such a big task and it overwhelmed me. I have shared before on the blog that I used to really be caught up in consumerism. Even in the ares of cleaning and organizing. I would buy new bins to try and organize the mass of things that I owner. Even with more bins and organization and storage options I was never in a place where I felt like my home was clean and organized. I spent so much time moving things around that I was exhausted by the time I got to the actual cleaning part.

A little over a year ago that all changed for me. Marie Kondo’s Book started getting wildly popular. I knew I needed some life change in the area of keeping my home clean and organized, so I gave it a read.

Well, friends it really is life changing. It sparked me on a journey towards minimalism. I dove right in and continued to minimize the clutter in my home. I have read other books and done other research since then, more about being minimalist and why it is biblical and I am so glad that this is now my outlook on life and the things I own.

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One area that I tried to be more minimal that didn’t quite cut it for me was cleaning products. Pre minimalism I was all about Bleach and Lysol. I like fresh scents. Lemon for the kitchen, spring fresh and bleach for the bathrooms, grapefruit for the bedroom surfaces. Bath and Body wall flowers for a fresh scent. This added up in dollars and closet space.


So for the sake of minimalism I tried the vinegar and essential oil route. And while the cleaners do work, I hate the smell of vinegar and found the measuring and mixing all the time to be a bit of a time suck. Now, I still do use these home made cleaners to help with costs. But let’s just say the scent of vinegar and the scent it leaves behind did not get me excited about cleaning.

I still wanted to keep things natural because I feel totally safe with my kids using them and helping me clean (which I am a huge fan and advocate for) so when I discovered Mrs Meyers and Caldrea I was IN LOVE!

I know it might seem a bit dramatic to say that, but I seriously love these products. Not only are they safe, but they work so well and the best part the scent is INCREDIBLE! Both Brands have so many amazing scents.

I actually enjoy cleaning now, because these scents leave your home smelling amazing! The kids love them to and will often argue over who gets to use which one (the apple cider is a favourite of theirs).

I also love that you can get the matching scent in various products. By my sink I currently have the Orange Clove Mrs Meyers in 3 products. Hand soap, dish soap, and multi purpose spray. I love the way it looks on my counter and how all the scents coordinate.

The Mrs. Meyers is more affordable then the Caldrea but the Pear Blossom Agave scent from Caldrea I could bathe in it!!!

Your house will smell amazing if you start using these products and if you are anything like me it will get you motivated to clean!

I know you can purchase these products from target and amazon but I purchase them from the Grove Collaborative site!

I love Grove because is a customizable auto-shipment service that delivers all-natural home, beauty, and personal care products directly to your doorstep! Every product that Grove sells is healthy, effective, eco-friendly and affordable. Everything they sell is good for you, your family, your home and the planet.

After your first Grove order they set you up with personalized, scheduled Grove shipments, so you never run out of the products you love. By default orders come every month, but you can edit the frequency of when products ship to you via your product subscriptions.

Keep in mind, your shipments are 100% customizable, and you have complete control over what products you get and when you want to receive them. Orders can be modified as well as postponed without penalty, and when you postpone an order, you are moving your next scheduled shipment, so you won’t receive another one until that date!

If you want to try a three piece Mrs. Meyers set for free you can use think this link to get your free 3 piece set as well as the walnut scrubbers, free shipping and a free VIP trial!

Now keep in mind they do not ship to Canada, but I love this service to much I get it shipped to my sister’s house in the states and get my box of goodies when we see each other every few months.

Check out the video to see my favorite scents, and watch them in action!