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The right frame of mind:stay motivated, lose weight.


Weight Loss for Moms

Losing weight is such a common thing that so many new moms struggle with.  What was once easy, is now so hard.  I mean with caring for another human, hormone fluctuations and lack of sleep, having the energy to work out, and eat right is so difficult.  I hear you mamas.

They say it takes 21 days to make a routine.  The problem is when your throw children into that mix they can change your routine on a minutes notice! They woke up 2 extra times last night so now you are exhausted, they are sick and now you can’t go out for your run, they pooped their diaper as you were trying to leave to get to spin class on time.  There is ALWAYS something.

Then throw into the mix people with my type of personality.  ALL OR NOTHING! It is hard for me to see the value in little changes.  When I commit, I commit with my whole heart but getting to that point when there are so many factors (ahem, children) disrupting your routine is so hard!  I have to really consciously work on that part of my personality and remember to celebrate the small wins.

lose weight

This time around I have stayed somewhat committed.  I lost 30 lbs and then our world was rocked with our new foster care placement.  These boys keep me busier than I have ever been.  Combining that with the fact my husband now works an evening shift with longer hours, my routine really got lost.  This winter I have really been struggling with sadness and anxiety,  I gained 10 lbs back.

The boys have been here 5 months, and I have not been able to get back into my committed routine.  What is different this time is that I didn’t go back to nothing. I am still getting to the gym at least once a week, and still trying to make healthy choices.  I admit when I am not working out consistently it is much easier to reach for the bag of potato chips, or a way too big piece of birthday cake.

So this post is a reminder for you and me, that just because you get off track, doesn’t mean you have to park the train.  Start working on those small changes.  Lemon water in the morning, or parking far away so you add more walking into your day.  Drink that extra glass of water.  Don’t just say “ugh  screwed up so might as well give up” no way girl! That is the attitude of the quitter and I refuse to be a quitter, it may take me longer than what I originally intended, but I am ready to ramp things back up!

get rid of the mummy tummy

There is one thing that all successful people have in common

Visuals.  Make a vision board, take progress pictures, write out your goals, and document your losses. Make it visual, so you cannot help but to stay focused.  Remember your why.  Health, big trip coming up, good example for your kids, you just want to look good in a bikini this summer?

Whatever your why is, be sure to stay laser focused and even if you have an off day, week, or month, wake up each day look at your visuals remember your why, and the motivation will come.

After 5 months I lost myself again, forgot my why, and didn’t look at my visuals.  This seriously hindered my progress.  Do not do that to yourself.  What is your big end goal?  What are the small bite size goals you need to make happen to achieve the greatness?

Make it happen mamas.  We are in this together.  I am going to be vlogging more, so I can stay committed by being accountable to you guys, so if you are interested in that, check out my youtube channel!

lose weight the right way

The main things I will be focusing on.  Implementing a morning routine, meal planning, and making sure to workout in the morning.  Those 3 things are what is going to provide my success.   Fail to plan, plan to fail!

Let me know what has worked for you in order to stay committed. Find a friend, cheer them on and encourage them, and they can do the same for you! If you need me to be that friend, I’m here!!

weight loss for moms

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