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Valentines Day Gift Guide for Him

valentines gift ideas for him

Are you searching for some Valentine’s day gift ideas for him?

My husband and I are celebrating 9 years of marriage this year. WHATTTTT. How did that happen?  We have been together for 14 years which is even crazier.  I remember our early Valentines days when we were dating I used to be so lovey dovey.  One year I put balloons filled with reasons I love him all over the house in a path that lead to a home cooked steak dinner by candlelight.  That seems like so much work now!

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These days between school runs, dirty diapers, and housework I barely remember Valentine’s day, let alone do anything special for him.

This year one of my new year’s resolutions/goals was to invest more time/thought into my husband and make him feel more special.  It is so easy to forget that in the hustle and bustle of family and work obligations.  To be honest I didn’t give it enough effort in January so I am vowing  February will be better!

The divorce rate is incredibly high, and we live in such an instant gratification society it is so easy for marriages to crumble and fall apart. Sometimes it starts off small with forgetting to do the special little things. Here is another post I wrote about the  key to keeping your marriage strong.

I wanted to make sure he knew I was thinking about him this Valentines Day.  We will probably just have a dinner after the kids go to bed kind of date and I wanted to get him a little something!

I have been searching the internet for some ideas.  I came across a lot but will just be getting him one thing, since we are trying really hard this year to consume less and spend less!  (Click on the pictures if you want to purchase)

Dress Shirt – I have ordered him one of these before and for 18 bucks the quality is amazing!  They have lots of styles!

Trimmer – My husband cannot stand a hairy neck. Also, he cannot grow a beard for the life of him but his mustache area gets the 5 o’clock shadow and he and I can’t stand it. I love how many attachments this trimmer has for any need your husband or boyfriend might have.

Wallet – My hubby needs a new one for sure. I really like this one. I usually get him black but I think this is the perfect shade of brown and maybe he won’t lose it so often!

This computer bag is awesome with the built-in charging port! What a great price too!

This is perfect for my husband and any other men who work in the trades. How cool is this thing? Maybe it will the washing screws and bolts problem I seem to have!

So as I said my hubs cannot grow a beard but I know how many bearded man are out there nowadays. As a hairdresser I know these guys are SERIOUS about their beards. Here is th perfect little comb.

and if he is really into his beard

I love these, I know a few of my friends hubbys that would love this!

OK this is amazing if your husband likes to fish!

I think this is the winner for my hubby. He needs a pocket knife and what a nice manly way to let him know he is special 🙂

My husband never wears his wedding ring because he is an electrician and it can be dangerous for him but he is too dang cute I gotta make sure others know he is taken and he cannot use the “its not safe” excuse anymore.  These silicone rings are perfect!

OK and maybe this! How cute!

Tell me what you plan on doing for your significant other this year!  I hope you and your hubby take some time to make each other feel special this valentines day! ( or any day )


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