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What do Different Flowers mean in your Dreams?

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Do you ever wake up from an interesting dream and wonder what it meant? Dreams are experiences that happen in our sleep and they often carry a lot of symbolization and meaning. A lot of people have dreams that incorporate some sort of flower. In some instances, this flower can simply be present since it represents a special memory, which could be something to do with your childhood, the day you got married, or even the death of a loved one. However, in other instances, people keep seeing the same flower in their dreams and they have no idea why. In this post will dig deeper into the symbolization of flowers in dreams, so keep on reading to find out everything you need to know…
Flowers, in general, are associated with beauty. However, they can have links to sympathy and consolation, as well as recognition and love. This is why you can buy flowers for different occasions and sentiments from the likes of Florida Flowers. When assessing flowers in relations to dreams you not only need to consider the type of flowers that appeared but how they featured in your dream as well. Firstly, we will take a look at some of the common flowers in dreams alongside their meaning.

  •   Rose – The rose is a well-known symbol of love. Could there be a wedding announced over the coming year?
  •   Poppy – Sadly a poppy indicates that news of big disappointment will come.
  •   Iris – Good news and hope.
  •   Buttercup – Seeing a buttercup in your dream is actually an indication that conditions will improve in relation to your business or career.
  •   Lily – The lily is a flower that is associated with death, however, in a dream, it can also indicate an unhappy marriage.
  •   Primrose – You will find a new friendship that brings you luck.
  •   Orchid – Linked to wealth, admiration and beauty.
  •   Clover – If you are currently in financial difficulty you may see a clover in your dreams.
  •   Camellia – This flower is related to sensitiveness.
  •   Myrtle – This flower symbolizes rest, peace, joy and luck.
  •   Forsythia – This flower symbolizes that you take pleasure in your life.

Now you know a bit about specific flowers and what they mean when you see them in your dreams. Let’s now take a look at some different scenarios, as well as other important points, when it comes to flowers that feature in our dreams…

  •   A garden and house whereby colorful flowers are scattered everywhere can symbolize joy in your life.
  •   However, if you are not a keen gardener, and you have a dream whereby flowers predominate in a garden, this could be a symbol that you need to worry less and bring more color into your life.
  •   Unfortunately, if you are dreaming of flowers being destroyed or wilting, this can be a sign of danger or grief.
  •   Generally, if you see nice and fresh flowers in your dream, it’s a symbol of success and health.
  •   A bunch of fresh flowers, in particular, indicates a romantic relationship that is currently making you happy or will do in the future.
  •   If you receive a wreath in your dream then you should make up with someone that you have recently quarrelled with.
  •   If you see a wreath in your dream, but did not receive it, this indicates you are feeling hostile or guilty.
  •   If you throw the flowers away in your dream then you are likely to be someone that gambles away your own luck because of guilt.

So now you know about all of the different meanings associated with flowers when we dream about them. On the whole, flowers symbolize beauty and other positive feelings, and in everyday life, they definitely have an uplifting effect.