You get a phone call asking if you can pick up a foster baby from the NICU. You say YES! NO what?
I have had the joyous and heartbreaking privilege to do this a couple of times so I wanted to share with you what you can expect.


There is going to be some sort of confusion at the hospital.  When a child is apprehended at the hospital the agency plays more of a middleman role and they often do not know much about the case other than what the doctor reported.
Ask the nurses. They know more than anyone about what that little babe needs. But remember to be respectful.  Often these little babes need extra testing and extra care so be respectful of the nurses doing their job.

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Neo-Natal Abstinence Syndrome

Unfortunately, this is common with foster babies in the NICU. It is one of the main reasons you will find newborns in foster care. If you know nothing about Neo Natal Abstinence Syndrome you can watch this video.

Visitation Schedules

If the baby is going to have a long term stay in the NICU the bio family may or may not get visitation in the hospital. They will usually ask you to come at different times.  Your worker will help you to navigate this.

Feelings and Emotions

You are going to be excited and those babies need your excitement. You are also going to feel a bit sad. It is hard to watch a newborn with their mom. Those early bonding moments are so important.
Check out the video below for a more detailed look at everything I can share with you about picking up a foster baby from the NICU.